Girls Are Evil; Guys Are Dumb

This is so true! Girls, you can try and deny it if you want to, but then you’d just be lying and proving us right. You’re evil. You all aren’t equally evil though. Some of you are better than others… but that’s really not saying much. And yes, we’re all dumb. Not equally dumb, but all dumb.

Guys, let’s face it… we’re dumb. Often times girls will try and say that we’re evil, but this is simply not true. While there are a select few guys who are evil (and none of them are named Mike), the vast majority of guys are just dumb. Freqently when girls think that a guy is evil, he’s not. He’s usually just too dumb to know what’s going on and so she’s reading into things that aren’t there.

Girls, here’s a tip for you: When he orders a pop, it’s because he’s thirsty. When he orders a burger, it’s because he’s hungry. It has nothing to do with you or what he thinks of you. In fact, if he’s thirsty or hungry (especially hungry), he’s probably not thinking of you at all. This isn’t ’cause he doesn’t care and he doesn’t think your’e fat. It has nothing to do with your hair and isn’t related to whatever you’re wearing. It’s cause he’s thristy and hungry. I know this is a hard concept to grasp for you, but do try.

Guys, here’s a tip for you: When she orders a pop, something’s going on. If she orders a burger, you’re in big trouble. It has everything to do with you and what she thinks of you and especially what she thinks you think of her. You probably did something wrong and don’t know it. Just apologize. Don’t ask why, you won’t understand the answer anyway. She’s not ordering a pop ’cause she’s thristy. And she isn’t ordering a burger ’cause she wants one. I know, I know… it’s weird, confusing, doesn’t make any sense and totally illogical. That’s just girls. That’s why God made them so pretty. So us dumb guys would like them even though they make no sense and are evil.

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