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Jesus and Wiffle Ball

Here’s a picture.

Here’s Bob and Dave (white homeless men) teaching Zane (4 year old son of a working single black mother) how to hit a wiffle ball at the Elevate Detroit Mt. Clemens CommuniD BBQ today.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. But I think this one’s priceless.

Jesus is all over it.





Devotional Prayer

I did not write this. This is a prayer I took from a devotional that I read today. This is a prayer I pray for myself.

Jesus, I see You wash Your disciples’ feet. I hear You call me to follow Your example. Help me to serve those I lead today, meeting them at their point of need, and serving them without regard to position. May my leadership create true community, a community that reflects Your presence and example. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Adventure of Love

When considering the evil that runs freely rampant in my mind I am reminded and shown how much work the Spirit has left to do in transforming it. And I take courage and joy from the grief this causes my heart. For if thus is the life I have with my brother Christ now, with such corruption and double mindedness yet holding fast within me, how much greater is the journey yet to come as my transformation furthers and I may begin to actually reflect his basic tenant to simply love all freely?!

Like John, Paul and so many others, may I face each day with the bold, courageous and taunting phrase, “Lord, lead me on.” May I never falter or tire of the adventure of peace and love in a world so hungry for all three. And may I live and love all others as myself evermore and myself as relentlessly and fully as my Father Creator God.

Yes truly, the past has been good. The best is yet to come. I am yours, Papa. Amen.

The 3rd

Why do we so often solve conflicts through escalation or avoidance? Is there a 3rd option? One that brings real peace, resolution and reconciliation without aggression or passivity? Is there an option, a possibility that actually fosters love?

Before the Sunrise

If you pay attention, you can feel the life of a new day growing & bursting forth with the new light that comes before the sunrise.

It’s beautiful.

God is Light.

God is Life.

God is Love.

He is the Sun of Righteousness. He will rise with healing in His rays.

Being Jesus

“Everyone needs compassion. A love that’s never failing.”

I love this song. It’s one of my favorites.

I’ve probably sung it a hundred times.  Maybe more.

This is Friday night though. Normally I may sing it on a Sunday.  I may sing it on a Wednesday.  But I bet this is the first time on a Friday.  Certainly the first time the night before a CommuniD BBQ. 

Read those two lines again:
“Everyone needs compassion.  A love that’s never failing.”

We all do don’t we? I know I certainly do.

Tomorrow, when we each get together at 2nd & Selden, let’s look at each other and everyone we see throughout the day with those eyes.

“Everyone needs compassion.  A love that’s never failing.”

The next line says, “Let mercy fall on me.”

Lord, let mercy fall on us. And let us pour it out as an offering to you.  Let each of us experience your mercy and unfailing love through each other’s compassion freely shared amongst every one present at 2nd and Selden.

Becoming Less

Yesterday was amazing.  Spent the day with Detroit Reverse.  They made a film about me that brought me to tears.  I’m humbled beyond words.  I’m amazed and so thankful at the work God has done in and through me and those around me.  I don’t deserve it at all.  Alexa Courtney, Amanda Sadlier, Pat Zeigler and the team did an amazing job making it.  Thank you so much to Amanda Vizzini, Lindsey Fischer and John Azoni for saying such kind words and doing what you do.  In the afternoon we had a CommuniD BBQ with Detroit Reverse students.  It was a powerful experience for all of us.  Getting to talk with the students afterwards was truly moving.